Out and About

Since my internship is Monday-Wednesday, Syd works while I am and then we go do things in the evening. Then on Thursdays and Fridays we go out during the day and then we come home and she works in the evening (while all her co-workers are working too, incidentally). That being said, we did quite … More Out and About

Bowls in the Park

Last Sunday, Dan had a meeting with his internship coordinators, so I decided I’d take a little stroll through Hyde Park while I was waiting for him to finish. And let me tell you, that park is HUGE. Anyway, I walked around for a little bit, until I came upon this cute little cafe with … More Bowls in the Park

First Day in London

We made it! We’re here! And I have proof! See? After a fairly uneventful (though very comfortable—thanks, Virgin Atlantic) 14 hours of travel and an unfortunate inability to sleep at all on the flights, Dan and I made our way through the London airport, groggy-eyed but excited to finally be there. Through the haze of sleep … More First Day in London