I graduated in December, a commencement ceremony wasteland at BYU. Do you walk in August, before you technically graduate? Or do you wait until April, a semester after you finished? Because of a string of uninteresting circumstances, I did not walk at BYU Commencement in August or this past week. I figure that the purpose of commencement/convocation is offer some sort of ceremonial closure to time spent at college. I guess I didn’t get that closure? So I am writing this.

I worked hard to get into BYU. My experience, however, was not what I expected it to be. BYU can be a hard place, and it definitely wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows.

That, however, doesn’t change the fact that my experience at BYU changed my life. For the better. Debating sociological theories of gender and giving presentations on the social media trends of Marriott International in the Marriott School was never my plan…but I wouldn’t change it (wish I could change aspects of my GPA…but…that’s for another post).

So here’s to the late night roommate talks, studying in HBLL, losing my voice at football games, #sillybilly, the gender coalition, and all the other big and small moments that have made the past few years incredible.

freshman year
Here’s a throwback to freshman year….
Missing from this picture is Mike. Couldn’t have asked for a better set of roommates.#payforthattoo #doesthatmakesense #cowboyboots #yahoo
FloMo ers_1
The best thing about being in Provo was also being able to see some FloMo friends.
If you didn’t go to festival of colors at least once…did you really go to BYU? Also, Abby.
park city weekend
Weekends in Park City.
This one time Abby took me and a couple friends to her grandma’s house near Moab. It was so worth not doing that Accounting 200 homework.
Our practically whim decision to move to Centennial Jr. year was something that I will never regret.
Thanks to Centennial, I had this moment too….One that I most definitely don’t and won’t ever regret.
Syd's Graduation
Really glad that Syd is also BYU Alum. It makes being that couple that always goes to BYU sporting events when possible a lot easier.
Two things are summed up in this picture: the crazy, fun memories going to BYU athletics and more importantly…how awesome it was to finally live near my cousins (who are just as crazy about BYU sports as me).
That intern life.
If you go to BYU, take advantage of BYU’s international programs. Doing an internship in London is something I will never forget.
#Sillybilly, tweet-ups, disney kid, sodalicious vs swig…I cannot even begin to describe my experience in the EIM program. Grateful that I somehow ended up in classes with so many great people and professors. #Experiencetakeover
vegas bowl
Being on the ROC Board was one of the coolest things I did at BYU. Thanks to Syd for letting me do it and for coming with me to Vegas right after I finished my last final. We may not have beat the *other school founded by Brigham Young* that day, but it was still way fun. Glad that I am married to someone who is always up for some BYU sports. #GoCougs
Graduating in December means that I am not really sure which class I am apart of. 2015? 2016? I bought a 2015 tassel back in December, so I guess I’ll stick with that…
Ah, the view from my favorite study spot in HBLL. I’ll miss being on campus. I feel a particular strong connection to JFSB B032 and TNRB 260. Seriously, any alumni contributions I make should be towards the upkeep of those two rooms.


I’ll miss you, BYU. Thanks for the memories.


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