For the Nephews and Nieces: Pictures from the Imperial War Musem

This post is for the nephews and nieces. Although, my guess would be that David and Caleb find these pictures most interesting (but I’m not about to just assume that my nieces won’t be interested just because they’re girls #gender).

I wish I had descriptions to go with these pictures, but the IVM is also home to London’s Holocaust exhibit. And we spent like three hours going through that. So I just quickly took pictures of things I thought Caleb and David might find interesting (and probably already know about because of all those books they read).

Enjoy the pictures (I’d write about the Holocaust exhibit…but it’s too late at night to try to tackle those thoughts and feelings).

2015-07-19 16.53.43 2015-07-19 16.53.21 2015-07-19 17.00.39 2015-07-19 17.01.30 2015-07-19 17.02.59 2015-07-19 17.13.26 2015-07-19 17.13.35 2015-07-19 17.16.13

2015-07-19 17.16.00
This is a piece of the Berlin Wall. The Berlin Wall was constructed in 1961 and for almost three decades separated East and West Germany. It was finally destroyed in 1989 (which, just happened to be same year Uncle Daniel and Aunt Sydnee were born).

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