Sky Garden and Tower of London

photo 2

A couple weeks back we followed a tip from Becca, the operations manager at Jon Baines, and went to the Sky Garden. It’s basically the observation level in one of London’s newest skyscrapers, the Walkie Talkie (20 Fenchurch Street). It’s free (which we love), you have just have to book ahead online to reserve a time slot.

photo 1In short: It had some spectacular views. Very similar to the London Eye, but free. Probably also like the what you would see from the Shard, but then again…free. 🙂

They have a couple restaurants and cafes up at the top, so we got some Millionaire Squares and relaxed for a while. I personally was thinking about all the different events one could hold up there (they’d be SWEET).

Following the Sky Garden we worked our way over to the Tower of London. It was a little pricey, but it was worth it. The big thing at the Tower of London is obviously the Crown Jewels. And for reals, they do a good job creating an experience out of it. Because really, you’re queuing for like 30 mins just to see some expensive rocks and metals, so they gotta do something. It was kind of like a Disneyland ride, honestly. Lighting, music, things to read, etc. By the time you get in to see the Crown Jewels you’re bursting of British pride.

20150730_125841Being from the United States, we just find this whole monarchy thing interesting. Yes, the royal family is only just a figurehead, but it’s all about tradition. And I can appreciate that they’ve kept with tradition. Queen Elizabeth II has been ruling since 1953, making her the longest-ruling monarch in British history. She’s getting up there in age, but as we’ve talked with people, some think the reason she doesn’t abdicate the throne is because she doesn’t want Prince Charles to be king. Based on some things we’ve heard, people don’t seem to like Charles that much (probably because of everything that happened with Diana). I think everyone kind of wishes we could just skip right to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The Tower of London is huge. We didn’t see it all because of time, but you could easily spend all day in their exploring around.



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