The Harrods Challenge

2015-06-29 19.26.32I have a friend from my LDS mission to Chile who lives in here in England (although he’s currently in the States working on the Pageants in Nauvoo). We had Coldstone with him in Utah before we left and he told us that we should go to Harrods and try to find the cheapest item, something under like 2 pounds.

It seemed like the perfect monday evening activity. So after work, Syd and I met up in central London and found our way to Harrods.

First off, that place is HUGE and has everything! It even has several restaurants! We entered the store and found ourselves in the fine jewelry and hand bag sections. Yeah, probably not going to find anything under 2 pounds there so we quickly2015-06-29 19.20.43 moved on. We saw the clearance rack in womenswear and the cheapest thing we saw was for like 350 quid. And that was the SALE price.

Finding something for under 2 quid was going to be a challenge. But hey, it was giving us a reason to sift through a store that was WAY out of our college-student price range.

We found these towel looking things (for reals, we have no idea what their use was), but hey…they were only 5 pounds! That’s still over our 2-pound budget, though.

Mysterious Towel product for 5 pounds.
Mysterious towel product for 5 pounds.

Eventually we found ourselves in the Harrods gift section (i.e. several different rooms devoted to souvenirs from your shopping experience at Harrods). There we found some Jam for 4.95.

Some Jam for 4.95 to help you enjoy Wimbledon
Some jam for 4.95 to help you enjoy Wimbledon

Then, Syd spotted a sign:

2015-06-29 18.21.11
Praise the Heavens!

There we found several items for under 2 pounds (almost all were exactly 1.95):

A Harrods pocket mirror, in a stylish heart-shape, for quick touch ups on the tube.
A Harrods pocket mirror, in a stylish heart-shape, for those quick touch-ups on the tube.
A Harrods/London pencil case to show-off to all your friends at school. “Why yes, I do shop at Harrods.”
The dog themed-apron that every housewife and stay-at-home dad will be sporting this summer.
The must have accessory for your pencil case: A pencil sharpener.
The National Best-Seller….
Our quick two-seconds of being uber touristy and snapping a pic w/the Harrods Bears
Our quick two-seconds of being uber touristy and snapping a pic w/the Harrods Bears

So we did it! We found items for under 2 pounds! It should be pointed out, however, that Harrods is currently having a massive sale. So…maybe this would’ve been impossible otherwise. While we didn’t buy any of these items we did end up leaving with two tiny morsels of chocolate and two juices (which of course, were on sale). I have to say…this was a pretty fun way to see Harrods. So, next time you find yourself in Harrods, I issue you the same challenge: find something for under 2 quid.

And if you can’t find anything…that’s ok. Right close by is this wonderful place:

2015-06-29 19.50.02

And here Syd found a belt for 2 pounds. Which, immediately after buying, of course, we had to leave. Way too dangerous of a place for our cash to be.


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