Out and About

Since my internship is Monday-Wednesday, Syd works while I am and then we go do things in the evening. Then on Thursdays and Fridays we go out during the day and then we come home and she works in the evening (while all her co-workers are working too, incidentally).

That being said, we did quite a bit of exploring this week:

2015-06-24 17.59.24

Buckingham Palace, of course. Fun-fact: Did you know that you can tell whether the Queen is in or not based on the flag being flown? If the British flag is being flown it signifies that the queen is not home, but if a flag known as the Royal Standard is being flown it means the Queen is in.


Westminster Abbey was beautiful, we’re going to go back when it’s open so we can actually go inside.


Look! It’s Big Ben! He really does tell time up in the tower!

2015-06-25 11.22.02

We took the bus into the City instead of the tube one day. We got front seats on the second level…giving us the perfect view.

2015-06-25 13.35.23

We started at the Borough Market and took a stroll along the Southbank. We were going to go on the London Eye, but then we saw the line and prices. Maybe we’ll go back. We do, however, want to go back to the Borough Market (sorry, I don’t think we have any pictures). It’s this market where people sell different foods from all over the world, it had our taste buds going crazy.

2015-06-25 13.21.57

We stopped in at the National Theatre, it was a really interesting building.

2015-06-25 13.41.08

Another look at Parliament from across the Thames

2015-06-26 13.10.03

We went and explored the parks in Hampstead Heath and ended up at Kenwood House.

2015-06-26 12.37.32

This clock was made in 1772 and it STILL WORKS. Maybe our throw-a-way society can learn something from that…

2015-06-26 12.34.09

If you’re like us, you may recognize this picture from the movie Belle. For those of you who have seen that movie, Kenwood House is the home where Dido grew up.

2015-06-27 15.09.03

Took a visit to the London Temple, and got see Syd’s mission president!

2015-06-27 18.01.26

Went looking for a Ben’s Cookies near Oxford Circus

2015-06-27 17.54.00

So, Ben’s Cookies was built up to us a lot. So we had pretty high expectations. The verdict: They were good, but we didn’t find anything special about them. Maybe we needed to get them with ice cream?

2015-06-25 11.41.44

This, though, was our favorite moment of the week.

2015-06-24 19.48.49-1

A close second was when I spotted this puppy on the Tube on my way home from work (and then creepily took a picture).


All in all, it was a pretty good week here in London!


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