Yummy Mummy Street

2015-06-24 16.42.49
On Monday I started my internship with Jon Baines Tours (Check out their website!). Their office is south of the Thames in
2015-06-24 09.49.47the Battersea/Clapham area of the city. In other words, the opposite side of London from where we live (let’s not get into the housing discussion). It takes me about an hour to get to work, which by London standards…I think is probably pretty normal.

It’s a small office in a small building. They referred to it as “the shoebox” when I arrived. The 2015-06-24 09.51.53company has two locations: one here in London and one in Melbourne, Australia (Jon Baines, the founder and CEO, married an Aussie and moved to Melbourne). There’s only two full-time employees at the London office: The events and marketing executive and the operations manager. There’s another two part-timers that are only in for a few hours each week (the accountant and another person).

I only work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (which is great because then we have lots more flexibility with our weekends). This past week was the basic introduction week. Nothing super exciting. Spent the time learning more about the company, creating blog content, researching new marketing avenues, and designing some posters.

Naomi and Rebecca, the two I work with are really cool. It’s fun to listen to them talk. The other day Naomi and I were talking about how our Facebook news feeds have become filled with engagements and baby pictures. She talked about someone that recently got engaged who was only 23. I couldn’t bring myself to tell her about Provo, haha.

After one week, though, what I love most about my internship is the location. It’s in such a cool part of London. You’re still very much in the city, but it doesn’t feel quite as busy. It’s a nice place to walk around and the office is practically across the street from a park (which is awesome for lunch breaks!).

2015-06-24 13.38.17-1

Naomi says that the area is full of “yummy mummies” (rich moms?). Which makes sense, there are lots of moms pushing huge prams around on the sidewalks. In yoga pants. It’s kinda like Provo. But with British accents.

– Dan


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