Ice Cream and the Park

Guess what. We finally got some sleep AND ice cream!

Anniversary Ice Cream. Nothing too fancy, but surprisingly really good for being only a pound and from a truck.
Look, ice cream! (notice that mine was already half-eaten by the time Syd took the picture).

We got up this morning and we worked our way to Kensington and the Hyde Park 1st ward for church. Which, by the way, the chapel is in a really picturesque, prominent location. It’s in the same area as a bunch of museums, it’s really cool.

We didn’t stay for all of church. I had to get to an orientation for my internship. London is a crazy diverse city. And that was reflected in the ward we visited today. I’ve been home from Chile for almost three and a half years and it was nice to again be reminded today that being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is more than just being caucasian and from Utah.

Statue of the boy who never grew up (aka Peter Pan).

So, my internship orientation: I met with the two people who worked with BYU getting me connected to my company here in London. We met at a Costa Coffee (think British Starbucks) at Victoria Station. One of them I had only heard mention of and the other, Anna Marie, is someone who’ve corresponded extensively with over email. It was so great to finally meet her! Turns out she’s from Dallas (small world!), but has been living in Paris for like 25 years. It was great meeting with both of them. One of the things they mentioned to me was the importance of not saying “Ma’am” and “Sir”. In the States (especially in the south) we use those words out of politeness. Well, apparently here in the UK you only use those words if you’re addressing the Queen and some Lord or something. So to say “Thank you ma’am” or “excuse me sir” is more of an insult than being polite.

After my orientation and getting a little lost, I met up with Syd in Hyde Park (in my defense…Hyde Park is HUGE). We walked around the park for a while and ate lunch. It was really nice. The Princess Diana Memorial Fountain was really cool. There were lots of kids running around and playing in it (Side note: from what we saw at the fountain, I guess it’s socially acceptable to let your kids run around in their underwear).

Hyde park and Kensington Gardens are both really beautiful (we’ll take more pictures some other week). It was quite interesting to see so many people and families out there enjoying the outside. I guess, when you live at the base of mountains, you sometimes take for granted the outdoors.

After the park we checked out a bit of the Victoria and Albert Museum. The place is huge and we’re so grateful we have the time to go back. They have an exhibit there now called “What is Luxury?”, we’re excited to check it out.

Now, let me explain the importance of the afore pictured ice cream: today, the 21st of June, is our one-year anniversary. So we got some anniversary ice cream to commemorate. To be honest: we’re just a little unsure about how future anniversaries will compare to this one…It’s not every year you’re in London!




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